Friday, April 23, 2010

Movie Scene Jocks For Sale

It was suggested to me several times over the years, to consider selling my jocks online. It seemed like a good idea... but now that I have a porn filmography under my belt, those porn and jock fetishites can come together to appreciate this little collection I am selling. Yes, it sounds cheesy but it's also kinda hot!
I have been pounded by Arpad Miklos, Kyle King, Josh West & Ross Hurston in these jocks on film. Well, now someone can share in the experience as well by buying the lot of them... jocks from Reckless 1 and 2, as well as Loading Zone!

The jocks themselves are great (owned the red one for 7 years now), worn well enough to not seem new but enough life in them to endure plenty more fuckings. I dunno, sounds pretty good to me! In fact, I am hesitant to sell these off because I genuinely just like to wear them and they will be collector's items! But I cannot hold onto items for sentimental value, I must move on and let my jocks fulfills the lives of others who need it more than myself. Fly free fine jocks! I will miss you and think of you often... oh, and see you in my films!

So goto, bid on the auction and have a unique collection of porn memorbilia! Proceeds goto helping fund the Craig Reynolds Get-Out-Of-Debt fund. It is a reputable fund and goes to good causes!

Yes, I am shameless in my self-promotion but I have had brilliant mentors who have shared a lot with me, including bringing your own personality to everything you do. Since I am a huge dork, it seems fitting that my promotions would reflect that.

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  1. OMG! Craig for a self professed "Dork" your postings are always well written and entertaining. I enjoy your updates in the world of porn and speaking of I just saw 2 of your movies; Reckless and Loading Zone they were both hot and I can't believe the pounding you took from Kyle King( lucky fuc*er)Man oh man what I wouldn't give to try and recreate the scene with you !!! Hope one day I will get the chance and have you sign a copy of the DVD for me.I guess you will need some new gear soon since you are selling your jocks. Post a wishlist and who knows I might pick up the tab and get you a new jock.... Take care