Saturday, August 21, 2010

Major Asshole, Scene 3 Release on

Hot House's newest release, Major Asshole, includes a scene with Alexander Freitas and myself that is really hot!  chest pounding, aggressive, muscle fucking everywhere!  Enjoy some photos and the scene!


Craig & Kyle- Round 3

Director and Office manager, Christian Owen, is driving us down to San Jose for thus weekend's pride festival.  Along with Christian and myself, we will be heading south with Kyle King and Sister Roma, the MC of the event.  The four of us make quite a motley crew but we are fun, dammit!  It should be fun with all of us there, hopefully we all survive the car ride down in such close quarters.  After Kyle and I do some autograph signing and picture taking, we are heading to The Watergarden to give the crowd a show!  Woohoo!  Now I get to goto a bath house and show off AND get paid!  That is like heaven!

So anyone who is interested in seeing any of the shenanigans we get ourselves into, make your way to the Watergarden booth at SJ Pride or to The Watergarden itself by 7pm when we start our show.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Russian River With Tony Aziz


This is a video clip of Tony Aziz, myself and some good friends up in guerneville just hanging out in our room being silly. Nothing but love here.,.. but we enjoy razzing each other as well. This is all meant in good humor.

Friday, August 6, 2010



This is from Guerneville a few weeks ago. Setup by Paul Miller of Truck, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond(Hard Friction), and faithful assistants, they pulled together a fun little weekend getaway before Dore Alley. It was lube wrestling porn stars all the way, baby! **Additional commentary provided by Tony Aziz.
In appreciation of people who push the envelope and try to encourage change and evolution, this is a link to a friend's movie site. He has been playimng around with various movie effects and combining music video, porn and fitness video into a new yet appealing way. I like that he dares to be different and challenges conventional ways top shoot porn with a new twist to the structure. You decide whether or not you like it, but you have to admit it is different and erotic (at times a little cheesy but ultimately the idea is evident).

Also, keep in mind, these are not finished pieces. I justy wanted to get the content out there and get feedback and peoples' thoughts.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey Kids

I know there has not been much content lately yet so many events have taken place recently... how can that be?!?! Why aren't we being include?!

Well, it has been busy which is why have slacked in my blog updates but I am re-committed to keeping current. I have plenty of video blogging to share (see?! I kept you in mind this whole time!) and more details to fill you in on!

Okay, more to come (or cum... woink) asap!