Sunday, April 10, 2011

TLA Awards nominees released... vote for Lawless

So I missed the mark in terms of achieving a nomination for the TLA awards but my last movie has been nominated for Best Fetish Movie of the Year.  The TLA awards are web voting-based so goto the site and vote for Lawless!

Those that haven't seen it yet, this is my first solo scene.  I am usually not a fan of solos but I was pretty impressed with how this one came out.  Not to mention the box cover image is smoking hot (i think)!

Also up from Hot House is Steven Scarborough for Producer of the Year, Brandon Bangs for Newcomer, Hot House Studio of the Year.  Vote for them all, vote often.  no limits.

Continuing Down The Cum-Back Trail... GRABBY nominee, Hottest Bottom 2011

The universe is confirming for me that I am finding my way back on track with this latest bit of news, my first legitimate shot at a Grabby!  Woohoo!  Hottest Bottom, I feel I can hold my own in that category.  I may not be everyone's taste, but you can't deny I convey how much I enjoy sex, how good I am at it and fun with it, and my scene partner's pleasure of pounding my 'hot bottom.'

'I wish I was you so I could experience what it's like to fuck me!'  Everyone seems to enjoy it, I want to know what all the fuss is about... especially since I am the one that has to carry this big butt around everywhere I go. 

Added by Will Clark World, re: my ass... "RECKLESS 2... stars Cameron Marshall, Craig Reynolds, Derrek Diamond, Josh West, Kyle King, Paul Wagner, Rick Van Sant, Rod Daily, Ross Hurston, and Tony Mecelli. Box cover butt belongs to Craig Reynolds btw. Yum that too... Enjoy (I know I did, well, the picture anyway. So far.)" 

So it seems to me I have some ass support.... wait....

Anyway, I am so excited to be up for this nomination, alongside a list of solid competition including Rod Daily, Vince Ferrelli, etc.  Some big names with some nice butts... whose butt's the best??  We shall soon see.

See the nomination here

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reynolds Returns

After about an 8 month hiatus, I have finally found my way back to set to the studio for work with the Inferno line and CHristian Owens' first credited movie.  It was an honor and privilege to be hired on and given a chance after being away for a spell and still in te process of getting back into shape (not just physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally).  GRanted, we should always be working to improve in all of these areas of our lives but I have a base standard set for myself and want to meet or beat that high standard with every project I do.  I felt I gave it my best effort... unfortunately shooting got backed up and I was delayed about 8 hours in the studio before I got to start my scene which took me out of my mindset upon entering ready to go.  At least I wasn't behind the camera working those extra hours, so it could have been a tougher day... and so I gave it my best effort and we got some good footage. I felt rusty and things didn't naturally flow for me this time around.  I am working on dropping a few pounds and getting more definition back, gaining my confidence back and returning to the point of venturing out to find new things to bring to the screen, not trying to play catch-up.  It's all coming around; I broke the seal and all-in-all it felt great to be back.  To see more from Inferno Productions, click here