Sunday, March 27, 2011

Go-Go Dancing & Club Review

Linked to the picture below is a review of myself, Hot House director CHristian Owen, and the DJ's and performers of Club Industry here in SF, the club I have danced for for 5 years now... which is the spinoff from Club Universe (where I also used to dance) around 10 years ago. People are surprised a big beefy white boy like me can throw down... 4 to the floor... assemble your crew.... and bring your game cuz it ain't no joke. I got rhythm and a big ass... I must have black somewhere in my family lineage... LOL! Anyway, this is a review that only mentions Christian and myself but we have been prominent figures in the night club go-go scene for a good decade now. Come out to see us dance sometime and you will then understand why. I am not a stripper dancer, I cant do that sexy dance thing... but give me a good hard, dark beat with some bass and I will give you a show.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Solo Cop Action

Here is a clip of my first solo scene from Lawless... I think it is pretty damn hot but you can decide for yourself.

Sorry, you do not have the required player to view this video (Craig Reynolds).

Please try viewing the original video at QueerPixels Gay Porn Tube

On The Road To Redemption

So... it has been a long few months away.  I have had the toughest time trying to move past the loss of my best friend and closest person to me in my life.  The pain will probably always linger but I am not hampered by it so much anymore.  I am starting to feel normal again, to feel things, to want to take care of myself and return to humanity.  Started workouts again, started to see people and socialize again... might even be sorta seeing someone...tentatively as I re-connect to my emotions and feelings and discover what I feel and careful not to bring someone who could be an important part of my life into a cesspool of emotional gunk I need to clean up before I can move forward in a healthy fashion. So far so good, steady as she goes.

Next goal for me is to be back in shape in time to film movies set for April and/or May for Hot House.  I would love to be involved in these projects... but nobody likes a fatty flabster to get off to so I need to work hard and motivate to be in shape in time.  Any motivating workout buddies around to help out?

I will try to get back to my routine and be a little more consistent with blogging and updating my site.  No promises but that is what I am progressing toward.

Thanks for all of the love and support I received from you all over these trying times.  Best Wishes