Thursday, May 24, 2012

Craig Reynolds Collection

Guess who has their own collection of scenes being released by Hot House?!?!  Yes, yours truly!  This follows on the heels of my Hottest Bottom nomination by the 2012 GRABBYs commuttee... I am super stoked and honored and flatteredto have any of this and to even still be relevant.  It has been a while since I posted anything and I had intended to be more consistent before now but life has continued to be very tricky for me so it'll be a process to get back into the full swing of things.  For the fans, however, I will really put forth the effort to pull it together and get back on track to keep u current on things happening and bring you new content to watch and enjoy.  Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to help pull me out of the funk I've been stuck in this past year+.  Love you all...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Score 2 and Cruise Control NEW MOVIE SCENE PICS!

I will respond with an update soon but wanted to get these pics up for you (courtesy of Hot House Entertainment)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


So I have to say, as hard as I tried not to get traspped in the pornstar lifestyle, I couldn't escape the world I was so adamant I could stay above.  I went from personal trainer, supplement sales associate, entreprenuer etc to eacort and pornstar model (which is now essentially goen as I haven't been called for a shoot in a month and losing my physique now that I spend my days scanevenging for a buck to survive).  I hate to admit when I am wrong, that I failed at something, that I wasn't level-headed enough to overcome obstacles I assumed were linked to amatuer, unexperienced new-comers to the real world.  In fact, I have seen newbies maintain much better than I did.  Granted, I do have to give myself pardon as other outside factors came into play... leveling my abilities to hold down a regular job (for instance the death of my best friend and core person who kept me level-headed and sane so unexpectedly), but I turned more inward to the porn worlkd to escape the realities that hurt me so bad it nearly killed me.  Now I am stuck in a rut deeper than I have ever experienced before with little more than hopes of ever getting out.

My passion is gone, my drive is gone, normal functions seem so hard and getting re-acquainted with real life seems like a pipe dream.  I am depressed, I have my clinical diagnosis confirming that... but I have functioned while depressed before.  I have tried public assistance programs to stabilize my financial turmoil enough to allow me to get back on my feet but they keep hitting glitches prevcenting me from benefitting from the services that are supposed to be put in place to help people like me needing that grounding to get started back in the right direction.  I owe friends and family so much money and I am such a drain to them, whereas before I was enjoyable company, now I am little more than an ugly leech and an avoided phone call anytime you see my number come up on the caller ID.  I may be embelishing a little because of how I feel about myself right now but I have always been incredibly independent and would rather light myself on fire than ask for help.  Now it is what keeps me alive is asking others for help.  It makes me feel gross, less than human, like a drain on society, n humanity and providing nothing positive to the world.  I am sick of it but don't know where else to go or what else to do.
I have seen others handicapped by depression to the point where they cannot function.  I never understood as I always found a way to keep going even during the worst of my bouts with depression.  I have hit a wall, however, and am now experiencing first-hand what a crippling effect depression can have.  I feel like a pussy for letting such a little thing beat me... but in fact it's a culmination of things that come to a head and this is the result of almost 3 years of fighting to survive and live life on my own.  I am a team player, I do well collaborating with another, which is why I have done well in long-term relationships.  This independence thing is important to establish but to what lengths one must experience it is really dependent upon the personality you are dealing with.  I am not one of those personalities.  I riddle my brain with ideas and possibilities but need an outside voice to filter and bounce ideas off of to get me to the best solution for me.  It has to be someone I inherently trust and that is not something you can create or force with someone, it just is or it isn't.
My core group of people were taken away from me, on by one, by an ex who I still love and am still frustrated by everyday of my life.  He did bad things to me to take out his hurt and anger I crerated for him, and although I am partially to blame he conveniently let go of his own responsibilities that led to our breakup in the first place and should have diorected some of that anger back on himself.  But anyway, with my best friend Trevor dying in the hospital on October 15, 2010, the last person inside that inner circle was the last person to be taken from me who I could turn to and be completely open and honest to about anything without fear of judgement or reprimand.  I have been handicapped ever since.  I need that cmmunication and I can't quite seem to find that connect again.

I could keep going but that's about as much processing as I can handle right now.  Anyone who is willing to help or knows of a good resource to help, feel free to email me at  I don't know where else to turn other than to the friends and fans who have been the one source of positivity in my life this past year.  What can you do to help?  It kills me to ask but as I said I intend to be cmpletely open and honest on here to make you aware of what really goes on behind the scenes and so I keep true to my word and unveil myself and humble myself to ask for your help or words of advice.  Thx.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Few Points of Clarification

So as I was reflecting back on what I had written on my blog regarding the porn industry and the politics they play, I realized that I sound a little bit like a whiny bitch... which is why I feel the need to go back and add context to the situation.  First, I am not being pretentious or acting on a sense of entitlement here.  I know that I am a dime a dozen model that will, sooner or later, be thrust to the curb without a second thought to make room for younger and prettier.  I knew that coming into the business, I have accepted it and will bow out as gracefully as I can when it ends for me.  Porn will be around long after I am.  I am not better than anyone else... actually I don't think I am all that great compared to a number of pornstars!

My complaint comes on the basis (huh huh... I said cum on the bases) that I was nominated on my merits and those merits were /are not easy to maintain and evolve.  I am one person with grand ideas and little influence.  If I wasn't nominated, I would be bummed but I would understand that it's beyond my control.  Where the issue lies is when there is complete disregard for the efforts I did put in and the acknowledgement I am receiving from this part of the industry (Thank you guys SO MUCH for the nomination... I was so ecstatic for weeks because of it!!!), but the journalists and media who essentially control who becomes a star, successful, or failure, blew me off suggesting I wasn't worth even a mention.  At least "Craig who?" would be acknowledging... Craig, we don't know you so it's a little early for you to be getting an award but at least we will call it out to let you know we now see you exist

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cole and Me... Live last week on hothoue backroom LIVE

Grabby's 2011.. And The Award Goes To..

So, I got nominated for my first solo Grabby category this year as Hottest Bottom... AWESOME!  I have been so stoked!  I was telling everyone, freinds were so happy for me, happy to finally see a small glimmer of positivity in my life after the endless trail of tragedy I have recently endured.  Come to find out, Memorial Day was closer than I realized and missed out on making it to IML and being present for the revealing of the Grabby award winners.  I was bummed but really just couldn't afford it.

I had fooled myself into believing II might actually have a slim shot at winning... I think I am a pretty hot bottom! I give everything I've got for each scene.  I may amp up roleplay a little to create a character that suits the movie... but at the core you are simply getting me.  I can't differentiate between on-screen and off-screen Craig. I am an exhibitionist, piggy, easy-going, stress case, light-hearted guy who wants to bring more authenticity to the mainstream porn movies that otherwise come across as fake, generic, formulaic, etc.  You may not be into everything I do but hopefully you can appreciate my conscious effort to try and make a difference in the positive to move these companies in a direction that matches current interests and fads of the current and future porn watcher.  The big companies are losing to free porn, amateur porn and BB porn because it is easily available and it's just way more real.  It's not always kiss, suck, rim, 2 fuck positions and cum... real life doesn't operate like that.  Sometimes lighting can be off, sometimes settings are mundane or simple.  Mainstream porn lost touch with their audience somewhere along the lines when they chose to believe they knew what their audience wanted instead of listening and paying attention.  Well most of them got left behind, went bankrupt, got bought out by larger straight porn companies that can absorb the gay porn industry financial losses, and all are scrambling to change and reformat to meet modern times and technology.

With all of that said,m I thought I was starting to make some small impact that might be recognized by the industry leaders as to what I was trying to do and maybe even appreciated for trying to help the large companies salvage their business and satisfying the desires of the audience at the same time.  I was rudely awakened recently to discover nobody could give a shit about what I have to say or offer.  It was so exciting to get the Grabby nomination, truly just ecstatic to be listed among so many big names, long-time industry legends, etc.  The posted their picks for winners, who should win, long-shots, etc.  I waited in anticipation for them to review my category, curious to know what they thought of me as  LA seems to have little interest in me anyway.... I don't play the game right so I am typically left out.  That's fine, I thrive on my audience response and truly appreciate every person I meet who approaches me and supports me, leaves comments about me on other blog posts, send me emails, etc.  I am honored and humbled by the fans.  The Sword, however, didn't even mention me.   They listed everyone else in the category and had something to say for each... except me.  I was a bit disappointed but it is an opinion-piece so I can't be too upset.  Then I realized, nobody bothered to check to see if I was attending the Grabby's, directed me on how to get tickets, if nominees needed to do anything , not a peep. It's nobody's responsibility in particular, it just seemed strange that nobody even asked if I was going.

Then I realized that the current names in porn that seem to control the headlines seem to stem from LA, about young little twinkish pretty boys that play favorites and play the game well.  I have never been into that scene... I love my piggy daddy muscle bears, my rough play, roleplay, exploratory porn.  I don't enjoy twink sex about two egos trying to stay looking pretty on camera and focused more on how their skin tone matches their highlightsd instead of getting into the scene and findinf that spark and chemistry with your scene partner(s).

I would also like to add, I felt that my solo scene in Lawless was pretty fucking hot! as well as the Reckless 2 scene I shot with Ross Hurston and Josh West... those were both overlooked and I will goto the mat against anyone who wished to say otherwise.  Christian Owen, one of the more cut-to-the-chase yet honest opinions in the industry (and who I sincerely respect whole-heartedly) said after our 3way shoot... ' that was the first time he has seen men having sex in a scene.'  It was FUCKING HOT and exactly what I am hoping to steer more towards in the future.

Oh, and Arpad's and my scene in Loading Zone, was the first time, after a 12-hour shoot, that I would have kept going.  I had so much fun with him, he is so hot and just... woof!  yes please!

Anyway, nominations are underway to being revealed, I won't worry about looking for my name tomorrow, I have been sidelined with a penalty shot for not following the rules of the game.  That's cool, I will just speak my mind and my gripes here and give it to you in a brutally honest way.  Here it is, take it, leave it, ignore it. I am doing the best that I can with the tools I have at my disposal.  It feels barren over here on my side of things... EXCEPT for one factor... the fans!  I love you all.  I will get around to each email, I have just been backed up a bit.  Marlowe, thanks so much for all of your help, I will get everything squared away ASAP.

Fairviewsue, you have continued to be a supporter of mine.  I don't have any real deep ties with you, tho it was awesome to meet you last year, you don't owe me anything, and yet you genuinely like what I have put out there and I appreciate your 'fair view' and am flattered and appreciative of the promotional media you do send my way... probably more from you than my own former exclusive studio has done for me as of late.  You're awesome!!  Oh yeah, little sidenote, my contract with HotHouse just completed at the end of March.  I am a new free agent.  I have already applied to one studio who expressed interest and I am just ga-ga over the fact that they like my look as I would happily give it up for any model they have over at C....

The Palm Springs Shoot That Wasn't

The craziest ordeal took place a few weeks ago on my way to Palm Springs to shoot my very first scene on-set! I was so excited to travel, to get back into main stream movie filming, to finally get a paycheck and to shoot with 2 very hot men, m aking doing the scene just about everything to me at that particular moment in time.  Bills, rent, loans, etc. were all riding on this paycheck... and this is how it goes...

I get picked up early by Super SHuttle so I would not be late to the airport (sometimes I run a little behind so we cut any potential problems off at the pass by scheduling pickup service), I arrive almost 2 hours early but much better to be early than running in last second.  Well, little good it did me as I discovered I had to pay $25 for my baggage!  I didn't know this, had only $13 to my name, and proceeded for the next two hours calling everyone I could think of, trying to abandon my bag, trying to store my bag at the airport, anything I could do to get me on that flight!  Failed!  The flight came and went, United was no help at the desk.  Finally, Rob from HotHouse got in touch with me and ran cash over so I could try and catch the second of 3 flights that day to PS but unfortunately I missed that one by less than 5 minutes!  Rob, who was so helpful and supportive throughout this process, brought me $100 for baggage and flight rebooking.  Well, my 5th time up to the desk I was told that the re-booking fee would now be $150, not $50 as I was previously told... so once again I was short and couldn't reserve a flight for the last flight out at 8pm.

Hours roll by, I finally get my mother to send me $200 after spending the rest of the day researching alternative paths to PS including other airlines, Greyhound, Amtrak, etc.  I get back to United, speak to the new face at the desk, who is apparently mgmt level as she just wizzed thru the rebooking process, only charged me $50 for re-booking, and looked miffed that very staff earlier in the day did nothing to help me resolve my problem.  Over 12 hours later of being at the airport, I was finally on my way down south.  Woohoo!

I arrive to chaos.  Everything that could go wrong, apparently has for HotHouse during this shoot.  I don't know all the details but I do know I was one of a handful of model problems they had to face, which was exactly the opposite effect I wanted to have.  I wanted to be low maintenance, film a great scene, make no waves and depart peacefully under the radar.  Instead I felt like a burden, ugly, essentially an unwanted entity.  That aside, I did have fun hanging with the cast and crew after the days of filming.  I really do love the Hot House family, I only felt it in return from a select few.  I did get to meet scene partners Bo Dean and Damien Crosse... both incredibly hot and seemingly nice.  Damien is a rockstar.... I could see being long good friends with him.  Bo was distant, but as with all gay for pay, you sort of feel  like an unwanted, undesired hole... and that's about it.  It's not their fault, I hold no grudge, it's simply a matter of circumstances... which becomes the theme of my fate the very next day.

I arrive on set, all was good the night before.  Feeling good about the shoot, not so super nervous like I usually am.  I wake up to find what appears to be a... COLD SORE!  Granted, everyone has it... but I can't expose my scene partners to it, especially when at a highly contagious stage.  I arrived on set in time for Steven Scarborough to litewrally watch the cold sore grow right there in front of his eyes!!!  The heat that morning fed perfectly into this hideous growth that ended up forcing me not to shoot the scene (oh, btw, shot my solo pictures the day before so already half way to paycheck), they lost their sole bottom for the scene, they tried to get Damien to take over but he was not at all prepared mentally for the task, brought Kyle King in past minute, I think eventually Damien also had to leave due to heat exhaustion.... it was a crazy mess... all due to a stupid cold sore and $25 in cash.

Who would have thought that such a little thing like a cold sore could put me in financial ruin?  Well, after my psoriasis breakout took me out of the game for over 8 months from filming.... I am not all that surprised.  But these unexpected medical conditions you just can't predict or prepare for.  I was blind-sided yet again and to this day still trying to recover from the loss of a paycheck. Granted, I need to find myself in a more stable financial situation so I can sustain unexpected things like this.... but I just can't seem to catch that break that allows me to get firm grounding so I can progress toward a better situation for myself.

I am not really thrilled to be telling these embarrassing moments about myself, but I did promise you that I would be open and honest on here to a fault so you really get an insider's look at what goes on behind the scenes.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

TLA Awards nominees released... vote for Lawless

So I missed the mark in terms of achieving a nomination for the TLA awards but my last movie has been nominated for Best Fetish Movie of the Year.  The TLA awards are web voting-based so goto the site and vote for Lawless!

Those that haven't seen it yet, this is my first solo scene.  I am usually not a fan of solos but I was pretty impressed with how this one came out.  Not to mention the box cover image is smoking hot (i think)!

Also up from Hot House is Steven Scarborough for Producer of the Year, Brandon Bangs for Newcomer, Hot House Studio of the Year.  Vote for them all, vote often.  no limits.

Continuing Down The Cum-Back Trail... GRABBY nominee, Hottest Bottom 2011

The universe is confirming for me that I am finding my way back on track with this latest bit of news, my first legitimate shot at a Grabby!  Woohoo!  Hottest Bottom, I feel I can hold my own in that category.  I may not be everyone's taste, but you can't deny I convey how much I enjoy sex, how good I am at it and fun with it, and my scene partner's pleasure of pounding my 'hot bottom.'

'I wish I was you so I could experience what it's like to fuck me!'  Everyone seems to enjoy it, I want to know what all the fuss is about... especially since I am the one that has to carry this big butt around everywhere I go. 

Added by Will Clark World, re: my ass... "RECKLESS 2... stars Cameron Marshall, Craig Reynolds, Derrek Diamond, Josh West, Kyle King, Paul Wagner, Rick Van Sant, Rod Daily, Ross Hurston, and Tony Mecelli. Box cover butt belongs to Craig Reynolds btw. Yum that too... Enjoy (I know I did, well, the picture anyway. So far.)" 

So it seems to me I have some ass support.... wait....

Anyway, I am so excited to be up for this nomination, alongside a list of solid competition including Rod Daily, Vince Ferrelli, etc.  Some big names with some nice butts... whose butt's the best??  We shall soon see.

See the nomination here

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Reynolds Returns

After about an 8 month hiatus, I have finally found my way back to set to the studio for work with the Inferno line and CHristian Owens' first credited movie.  It was an honor and privilege to be hired on and given a chance after being away for a spell and still in te process of getting back into shape (not just physically, but mentally, spiritually and emotionally).  GRanted, we should always be working to improve in all of these areas of our lives but I have a base standard set for myself and want to meet or beat that high standard with every project I do.  I felt I gave it my best effort... unfortunately shooting got backed up and I was delayed about 8 hours in the studio before I got to start my scene which took me out of my mindset upon entering ready to go.  At least I wasn't behind the camera working those extra hours, so it could have been a tougher day... and so I gave it my best effort and we got some good footage. I felt rusty and things didn't naturally flow for me this time around.  I am working on dropping a few pounds and getting more definition back, gaining my confidence back and returning to the point of venturing out to find new things to bring to the screen, not trying to play catch-up.  It's all coming around; I broke the seal and all-in-all it felt great to be back.  To see more from Inferno Productions, click here