Saturday, May 28, 2011

Grabby's 2011.. And The Award Goes To..

So, I got nominated for my first solo Grabby category this year as Hottest Bottom... AWESOME!  I have been so stoked!  I was telling everyone, freinds were so happy for me, happy to finally see a small glimmer of positivity in my life after the endless trail of tragedy I have recently endured.  Come to find out, Memorial Day was closer than I realized and missed out on making it to IML and being present for the revealing of the Grabby award winners.  I was bummed but really just couldn't afford it.

I had fooled myself into believing II might actually have a slim shot at winning... I think I am a pretty hot bottom! I give everything I've got for each scene.  I may amp up roleplay a little to create a character that suits the movie... but at the core you are simply getting me.  I can't differentiate between on-screen and off-screen Craig. I am an exhibitionist, piggy, easy-going, stress case, light-hearted guy who wants to bring more authenticity to the mainstream porn movies that otherwise come across as fake, generic, formulaic, etc.  You may not be into everything I do but hopefully you can appreciate my conscious effort to try and make a difference in the positive to move these companies in a direction that matches current interests and fads of the current and future porn watcher.  The big companies are losing to free porn, amateur porn and BB porn because it is easily available and it's just way more real.  It's not always kiss, suck, rim, 2 fuck positions and cum... real life doesn't operate like that.  Sometimes lighting can be off, sometimes settings are mundane or simple.  Mainstream porn lost touch with their audience somewhere along the lines when they chose to believe they knew what their audience wanted instead of listening and paying attention.  Well most of them got left behind, went bankrupt, got bought out by larger straight porn companies that can absorb the gay porn industry financial losses, and all are scrambling to change and reformat to meet modern times and technology.

With all of that said,m I thought I was starting to make some small impact that might be recognized by the industry leaders as to what I was trying to do and maybe even appreciated for trying to help the large companies salvage their business and satisfying the desires of the audience at the same time.  I was rudely awakened recently to discover nobody could give a shit about what I have to say or offer.  It was so exciting to get the Grabby nomination, truly just ecstatic to be listed among so many big names, long-time industry legends, etc.  The posted their picks for winners, who should win, long-shots, etc.  I waited in anticipation for them to review my category, curious to know what they thought of me as  LA seems to have little interest in me anyway.... I don't play the game right so I am typically left out.  That's fine, I thrive on my audience response and truly appreciate every person I meet who approaches me and supports me, leaves comments about me on other blog posts, send me emails, etc.  I am honored and humbled by the fans.  The Sword, however, didn't even mention me.   They listed everyone else in the category and had something to say for each... except me.  I was a bit disappointed but it is an opinion-piece so I can't be too upset.  Then I realized, nobody bothered to check to see if I was attending the Grabby's, directed me on how to get tickets, if nominees needed to do anything , not a peep. It's nobody's responsibility in particular, it just seemed strange that nobody even asked if I was going.

Then I realized that the current names in porn that seem to control the headlines seem to stem from LA, about young little twinkish pretty boys that play favorites and play the game well.  I have never been into that scene... I love my piggy daddy muscle bears, my rough play, roleplay, exploratory porn.  I don't enjoy twink sex about two egos trying to stay looking pretty on camera and focused more on how their skin tone matches their highlightsd instead of getting into the scene and findinf that spark and chemistry with your scene partner(s).

I would also like to add, I felt that my solo scene in Lawless was pretty fucking hot! as well as the Reckless 2 scene I shot with Ross Hurston and Josh West... those were both overlooked and I will goto the mat against anyone who wished to say otherwise.  Christian Owen, one of the more cut-to-the-chase yet honest opinions in the industry (and who I sincerely respect whole-heartedly) said after our 3way shoot... ' that was the first time he has seen men having sex in a scene.'  It was FUCKING HOT and exactly what I am hoping to steer more towards in the future.

Oh, and Arpad's and my scene in Loading Zone, was the first time, after a 12-hour shoot, that I would have kept going.  I had so much fun with him, he is so hot and just... woof!  yes please!

Anyway, nominations are underway to being revealed, I won't worry about looking for my name tomorrow, I have been sidelined with a penalty shot for not following the rules of the game.  That's cool, I will just speak my mind and my gripes here and give it to you in a brutally honest way.  Here it is, take it, leave it, ignore it. I am doing the best that I can with the tools I have at my disposal.  It feels barren over here on my side of things... EXCEPT for one factor... the fans!  I love you all.  I will get around to each email, I have just been backed up a bit.  Marlowe, thanks so much for all of your help, I will get everything squared away ASAP.

Fairviewsue, you have continued to be a supporter of mine.  I don't have any real deep ties with you, tho it was awesome to meet you last year, you don't owe me anything, and yet you genuinely like what I have put out there and I appreciate your 'fair view' and am flattered and appreciative of the promotional media you do send my way... probably more from you than my own former exclusive studio has done for me as of late.  You're awesome!!  Oh yeah, little sidenote, my contract with HotHouse just completed at the end of March.  I am a new free agent.  I have already applied to one studio who expressed interest and I am just ga-ga over the fact that they like my look as I would happily give it up for any model they have over at C....


  1. Gee Craig, thanks for the mention! I just find you to be very hot, and a real man. I like my men on the big and muscular side and well, you certainly are that! *grin* Please let me know what studio you end up with and what you are working on. You did a scene with Ross Hurston? I am a real big fan of his too! I would just love to see it! I wish you only the best in the future! Big hug, Sue

  2. I second Sue's comments!

    I also think you are on target when you say you are going to keep doing what it is you feel you do best. In the porn world, str8 or gay, you and only you can give yourself validation that is worth anything!! Don't expect anything from anyone ever, that's one lesson I learned the hard way in life. You are good enough and you can accomplish anything you put your mind too!

    Now do your fans a favor and start having some FFun! ;)~

  3. I just saw you in sanctuary. So I had to look you up. I'm going to finish reading your blog. Too bad for me you're not working anymore unless you're still training men. You have a good looking package. I'm including your mind in that. Take care.