Sunday, March 27, 2011

Go-Go Dancing & Club Review

Linked to the picture below is a review of myself, Hot House director CHristian Owen, and the DJ's and performers of Club Industry here in SF, the club I have danced for for 5 years now... which is the spinoff from Club Universe (where I also used to dance) around 10 years ago. People are surprised a big beefy white boy like me can throw down... 4 to the floor... assemble your crew.... and bring your game cuz it ain't no joke. I got rhythm and a big ass... I must have black somewhere in my family lineage... LOL! Anyway, this is a review that only mentions Christian and myself but we have been prominent figures in the night club go-go scene for a good decade now. Come out to see us dance sometime and you will then understand why. I am not a stripper dancer, I cant do that sexy dance thing... but give me a good hard, dark beat with some bass and I will give you a show.

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