Saturday, August 21, 2010


Craig & Kyle- Round 3

Director and Office manager, Christian Owen, is driving us down to San Jose for thus weekend's pride festival.  Along with Christian and myself, we will be heading south with Kyle King and Sister Roma, the MC of the event.  The four of us make quite a motley crew but we are fun, dammit!  It should be fun with all of us there, hopefully we all survive the car ride down in such close quarters.  After Kyle and I do some autograph signing and picture taking, we are heading to The Watergarden to give the crowd a show!  Woohoo!  Now I get to goto a bath house and show off AND get paid!  That is like heaven!

So anyone who is interested in seeing any of the shenanigans we get ourselves into, make your way to the Watergarden booth at SJ Pride or to The Watergarden itself by 7pm when we start our show.

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