Friday, April 16, 2010


That's right, guess who has been asked to be one of the trophy boys for this year's Grabby Awards?!?!? And I am still in disbelief... I mean really, who am I? I don't consider myself one of those people you see from afar who gets offered these kinds opportunities.

I have been very fotunate in the opportunities given to me (from gogo dancing at premier clubs and parties to back-up dancer for Thea Austin, Hot House model, etc etc). The thing is I am so humble by nature and unassuming that I don't walk around thinking I am "somebody" or at all socially relevent because I was in a movie or danced for that club. Sure it is a nice stroke to the ego and I will joke about it sometimes, but only because I am soooooo not an egomaniac that I can speak from a sarcastic point of view without being misunderstood as narcisisstic. No really!

I am a big dork. I grew up a shy, nerdy, semi-awkward kid but sought the approval of everyone in order to feel accepted. I am the same big dork, socially awkward and anxious, so far from 'cool' it is painful how dorky I really am. So to have an honor like this bestowed upon me is surreal, to say the least. It is a prestigious role and everyone I have told recognizes the opportunity this affords me. Because next year, I plan to be on the other side of the award, accepting it for the numerous awards Iwill be nominated for... best top, best bottom, best director, best studio... oh yeah! Next year I will get nominated for ALL of those roles! Okay, maybe I am embelishing a little.

Anyway, so keep an eye out for me in Chicago on IML weekend. We are scheduled for some meet & greet events, the GRABBYs (obviously), and just about everyhere you want to be. We are like VISA... anyone get that? Their old advertising slogan? Come on, anyone?


  1. Congrats on being asked to take part in the Grabbys and be a Trophy Boy! You will one of the hot ones.... Enjoy

  2. Congratulations on being chosen! You will do great! I think it recognizes you as an up and comer in the industry. There is no such thing as bad pr [so they say]. You sure don't look like a dork anymore. Remember, people don't know the thoughts in your head. They only see what is outside and the stupid ones judge by that alone.

  3. Best top! Can't wait to see that, big guy!

  4. Wait, you top?! heh! jk

    Ignore my text. We had so much fun last year, it's going to be even better this year!!! I love our pic from the Leather Market even if i looked hung over and you looked like hot sex. :@p