Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sanctuary The Movie... posting is copied from Roma's article on hot house blog page

Men Of Prey From Sanctuary I
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Stunning sets, over-the-top action, and stunning HD all contribute to the success of Steven Scarborough’s Sanctuary I. But lets face it – the reason Backroom Members are raving over our latest hit is the all-star, stunning cast. Feast your eyes on these men of prey and know that there are more where they came from. Find them all in the Sanctuary!

Hot House Exclusive Craig Reynolds not only leads this cast of muscular, hung sex pigs, he graces the cover! Here’s a head’s up… you can see Craig in person at the Grabbys in Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend. He has been hand-selected to be a Trophy Boy. (That makes Hot House the real winner because who needs a trophy? We’ve got Craig!)

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