Friday, March 12, 2010


I was fortunate enough to get the permission from the man himself (Steven Scarborough) to take a little footage behind the scenes of our latest movie due out later this year. I was partnered with Tyler Saint and the greatest crew I know to produce another HOTHOTHOT movie the way Hot House knows how to do. Paying attention to detail and scrutinizing how best to satisfy our fans, we spent the day filming, adjusting, and busting our balls to make it all look good! That being said, we don't want to lose the intimacy and genuine energy between the models, so we are changing it up and leaving more of the real action in... flaws and all. For example, Tyler fucks me so hard I fall to the floor and kiss his boots in gratitude and appreciation... that was not acting for the camera... that was just a real moment in time and it looks hot!

We all enjoy the amateur stuff because it is real... well Steven (our valiant leader) recognizes this and is working to deconstruct the traditional porn formula and get back to the basics. I admire his ability to adapt and change with the times and recognize what the people want. Likewise, I am not a very good actor, so what you see on camera is pretty much what you get in real life (minus the extra dialogue I am forced to come up with to keep the audial interest of the audience). I cannot turn my performer switch on and off... it is all completely integrated. So this new style and way of thinking suits me well and I am excited that I could potentially help revolutionize the porn industry by making these changes in format. It is nothing new and I am only a small piece of the puzzle, but it is exciting to be a fan and a performer and witnessing the merge of the two worlds to find common ground that satisfies everyone!

So check out the clips. I was able to show Taylor, Paul and Richard (our lighting, camera and set guys), Joe (our on-set still image photographer on-set) and myself with a little goofy commentary. This is just a little glimpse into a world that mystifies many so you can see what it is truly like to see on-set for filming. Oh, and as a side note to those that do not know me, I have major social anxiety and you will notice my stutters and nerves a bit when I talk. Hopefully you will endearing, not annoying. Again, just keeping it real.


  1. v. kewl! Tyler Saint is hot! when I come up, lets film a vlog! Would be fun and crazy! :D

  2. Awesome! Sorry I didn't see this; I was in Rome when you did it. You are very natural sounding. I heard no stutter at all. Keep up the great work!

  3. Enjoyed your your vlog very much, nice to see and hear the real you, so too speak. You are hot in your videos and you just got even hotter for me know and by the way, I agree, there was not much hint of a stutter.

  4. Nice behind the scene video log. Next time how about a teaser shoot of you in your leather/fetish gear if you can get permission to do it. Take care and keep working hard