Friday, March 12, 2010


I mentioned this previously in my first blog version but several people keep asking about it so I should re-address what I am Other than simply sharing my views and opinion, like lmillions of others are doing, I want to try and bring a unique element to my blog and allow porn fans get a backstage look in on what life is like on the inside of the industry. Many are curious, even mystified, and I am happy to remove the blinders and answer the questions so that the fans can feel more informed about what they watch and gives the industry more human qualities and extinguish some falsities improperly associated with porn production. For example, I was pleasantly surprised by the professional atmosphere at the studios... everyone is nice an funny and easy to get along with. Granted, it deals with sex and every business has its flaws, but everyone isn't drugged out and fucking freely across the floor. We are all there for a job, to work hard and produce good qualitymovies that satisfy the exhibitionist inside.

I felt the industry was an untouchable force, and when I received a golden ticket to the magic island, I quickly realized the assumptions I made, both good and bad, were essentially absent. Granted a repuation stems from somewhere, but the larger studios really do try to maintain a professional atmosphere because they are an easy target, which is all the more reason to keep their noses clean.

Anyway, aside from the political and social commentary I could go on about, that isn't hot, it isn't why I got into porn, I left my soapbox at home, and I think my fans would be much more interested in pictures and movies... so I will try and include a fair amount. my website... is a better choice for finding images and links to new movies. In the meantime, here are couple

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