Friday, March 12, 2010


So in my attempt to understand all things electronic and Internet-connected, I managed to lose my first blog page. so we will start over with a new blog! I will start back as far as I can recall last leaving off and move on from there.

A couple weeks ago, I was featured on hot house backroom live, where I did a pretty hot solo dildo show! almost took the fisting toy, got both heads of the double-headed dildo in, plus various other toys and tricks. It became an instructional how-to video for the amatuer toy players out there. I get a thrill from exposing people to new sexual experiences and liberating them. The moment you see that expression of bewilderment and pleasure mixed with confusion is matched by non other. I see the light switch flip on and have started another person down the road of sexual discovery!

Anyone interested in seeing the archive of my show or any Hot House live show can go here.

I also moved a couple weeks ago, which has been an unexpected (and time-consuming) project to deal with. It has taken me away from my current website and blog projects, but I am back on track and hoping to keep you in the loop on a regular basis.

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  1. So um I'm to understand your live show was an extention of Club Inferno 'eh? I'm so gonna watch!!